Legal News

  1. Flightright
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    Where journeys with a confirmed single booking comprise of several connecting flights operated by separate air carriers, compensation for the cancellation of the final leg of the journey may be sought before the courts of the place of departure of the first leg

  2. Solemn undertaking before the Court of Justice of the European Union given by two new Members of the European Court of Auditors and the European Ombudsman

  3. Anglo Austrian AAB Bank and Belegging-Maatschappij "Far-East" v ECB

    The President of the General Court dismisses the application by Anglo Austrian AAB Bank for temporary suspension of the withdrawal of its banking authorisation

  4. TÜV Rheinland LGA Products and Allianz IARD
    Advocate General Bobek: The civil liability insurance of breast implant producer PIP could validly be limited to women who underwent surgery in France

  5. Generálny riaditeľ Sociálnej poisťovne Bratislava
    Social security for migrant workers
    National legislation which restricts the grant of a benefit introduced for top-level sportspersons to citizens of the Member State concerned is an impediment to freedom of movement for workers

  6. Uniwersytet Wrocławski v REA
    Research, information, education, statistics
    The General Court erred in law in holding that the existence of a contract for the provision of lecturing services between a party and its lawyer infringes the requirement for a legal representative before the Courts of the European Union to be independent

  7. Consequences of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union for the Court of Justice of the European Union

  8. Slovenia v Croatia
    Principles of Community law
    The Court of Justice of the European Union lacks jurisdiction to rule on a border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia, but those two Member States are required, under Article 4(3) TEU, to strive sincerely to bring about a definitive legal solution to the dispute consistent with international law

  9. Generics (UK) and Others
    The Court of Justice clarifies the criteria governing whether a settlement agreement with respect to a dispute between the holder of a pharmaceutical patent and a manufacturer of generic medicines is contrary to EU competition law

  10. Commission v Italy
    Approximation of laws
    Italy should have ensured that its public authorities complied, in their commercial transactions with private undertakings, with periods for payment not exceeding 30 or 60 days