Legal News

  1. I.
    Principles of Community law
    According to Advocate General Priit Pikamäe, a database containing personal data may, under certain conditions, be sold in enforcement proceedings, even if the data subjects have not consented to the sale

  2. Romania v Commission
    Law governing the institutions
    The decision to register partially the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘Cohesion policy for the equality of the regions and sustainability of the regional cultures’ is upheld following the dismissal of Romania’s appeal

  3. Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund
    Freedom of movement for persons
    Taking into account of child-raising periods completed in another Member State when calculating a pension for total incapacity for work

  4. Direcţia pentru Evidenţa Persoanelor şi Administrarea Bazelor de Date
    Citizenship of the Union
    Citizenship: the refusal by a Member State to issue to one of its nationals, in addition to a passport, an identity card serving as a travel document, on the sole ground that he or she is domiciled in another Member State, is contrary to EU law

  5. Papouis Dairies and Others v Commission
    Agriculture and fisheries
    The General Court dismisses an action brought against registration of the name ‘Halloumi’ as a protected designation of origin

  6. PAN Europe v Commission
    Agriculture and fisheries
    Plant protection products: the identification of certain risks associated with the use of insecticides does not preclude the renewal of the approval of an active substance

  7. X
    A fixed-term worker must be informed of the reasons for the termination of his or her employment contract with a notice period where the provision of such information is required for a permanent worker

  8. Bytedance v Commission
    Digital Markets Act: the application by Bytedance (TikTok) seeking suspension of the Commission decision designating it as a gatekeeper is dismissed

  9. Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    First Advocate General Szpunar: manifest breach of freedom of expression may constitute a ground for refusal of enforcement

  10. Bundesrepublik Deutschland
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    A judgment of the Court of Justice can constitute a new element justifying a fresh examination of the substance of the asylum application