Legal News

  1. ADDE and Others
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    Reintroduction of border controls at internal borders: the ‘Returns’ Directive applies to any third-country national who has entered the territory of a Member State without fulfilling the conditions of entry, stay or residence.

  2. Juan
    The prohibition of double jeopardy does not appear to preclude the execution of a European arrest warrant against the person responsible for a fraudulent pyramid scheme set up in Spain and in Portugal

  3. Belgium v Commission
    State aid
    Tax rulings: the tax exemptions granted by Belgium to companies forming part of multinational groups constitute an unlawful aid scheme

  4. NADA and Others
    Principles of Community law
    Anti-doping and data protection: Advocate General Ćapeta considers that a national anti-doping authority which publishes personal data of a doped professional athlete on the internet is not in breach of the GDPR

  5. TGSS
    Spain - Discrimination on grounds of sex: fathers of two or more children, forced to go to court in order to benefit from a supplement to their invalidity pension, have the right to additional compensation

  6. Tuk Tuk Travel
    Approximation of laws
    Termination of package holidays in the event of extraordinary circumstances: a national court may, under certain conditions, notify of its own motion the traveller of his or her right to terminate the contract without fees

  7. Volkswagen Group Italia and Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    The principle ne bis in idem applies to penalties, imposed for unfair commercial practices, that are classified as administrative penalties of a criminal nature

  8. Venezuela v Council
    External relations
    The General Court dismisses the action brought by Venezuela against the restrictive measures of the European Union

  9. Asociaţia "Forumul Judecătorilor din România"
    Principles of Community law

    Rule of law in Romania: the promotion of judges to a higher court, based on an assessment, by members of that court, of their work and conduct, is compatible with EU law

  10. Nexive Commerce and Others
    Freedom of establishment

    Operational costs of the postal sector regulatory authority: a contribution obligation may be imposed on market participants, excluding any State funding