Legal News

  1. Commission v Poland
    According to Advocate General Kokott, the Polish tax on the retail sector and the Hungarian advertisement tax do not infringe EU State aid rules

  2. Junqueras i Vies v Parliament
    Law governing the institutions
    Le pourvoi contre l’ordonnance du vice-président du Tribunal rejetant la demande de référé de M. Junqueras i Vies est aussi rejeté

  3. Crown Van Gelder
    Freedom of establishment
    A customer may submit a complaint against the operator of the national grid following a power failure

  4. Union des industries de la protection des plantes
    Approximation of laws
    France validly informed the Commission of the need to take measures intended, in particular, to protect bees

  5. Entry into office of new Members at the Court of Justice of the European Union
    Entrée en fonctions des nouveaux membres à la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne

  6. État luxembourgeois (Droit de recours contre une demande d’information en matière fiscale)
    The right to an effective remedy guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union requires that persons who hold information that is requested by the national administration, in the context of a cooperation procedure between Member States, must be able to bring a direct action against such a request. Nevertheless, Member States may deny the taxpayer subject to the tax investigation and the third parties concerned by the information in question the right to bring such a direct action, provided that there are other remedies enabling them to obtain an incidental review of that request

  7. Jobcenter Krefeld
    Freedom of movement for persons
    Un ancien travailleur migrant et ses enfants bénéficiant d’un droit de séjour au titre de la scolarisation des enfants ne peuvent pas être automatiquement exclus de prestations sociales de base prévues par le droit national au motif que ce travailleur est tombé au chômage

  8. Commission v Hungary (Enseignement supérieur)
    Freedom of establishment
    The conditions introduced by Hungary to enable foreign higher education institutions to carry out their activities in its territory are incompatible with EU law

  9. Bank Refah Kargaran v Council
    Law governing the institutions
    The Court of Justice upholds the judgment of the General Court dismissing Bank Refah Kargaran’s action for damages for the harm suffered as a result of the restrictive measures adopted concerning it

  10. La Quadrature du Net and Others
    Approximation of laws
    The Court of Justice confirms that EU law precludes national legislation requiring a provider of electronic communications services to carry out the general and indiscriminate transmission or retention of traffic data and location data for the purpose of combating crime in general or of safeguarding national security