Legal News

  1. Touristic Aviation Services
    Rights of air passengers: the shortage of airport staff for loading baggage which caused a long delay of a flight may constitute an "exceptional circumstance"

  2. Hocinx
    Freedom of movement for persons
    Equal treatment: frontier workers must enjoy the same social advantages as resident workers

  3. Asociaţia "Forumul Judecătorilor din România"
    Principles of Community law
    Rule of Law: EU law does not require that professional associations of judges are granted the right to challenge decisions relating to the appointment of prosecutors

  4. Ryanair v Commission
    State aid
    The General Court of the European Union annuls the decision of the Commission to approve restructuring aid for charter airline Condor

  5. Izuzquiza and Others v Parliament
    Law governing the institutions
    Transparency: the European Parliament must give access, in the interests of public scrutiny, to information relating to a Member of the European Parliament who has been convicted in a court of law

  6. Mirin
    Citizenship of the Union
    According to Advocate General Richard de la Tour, a Member State’s refusal to recognise changes of forename and gender acquired in another Member State is contrary to the rights of EU citizens

  7. NADA and Others
    Principles of Community law
    The Austrian arbitration committee competent to combat doping in sport is not entitled to submit questions to the Court of Justice

  8. 20th anniversary of the accession of 10 States to the European Union

  9. FIFA
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    AG Szpunar: Some FIFA rules on transfer of players may prove to be contrary to EU law

  10. M.N. (EncroChat)
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

    EncroChat: the Court of Justice clarifies the conditions for the transmission and use of evidence in criminal cases with a cross-border dimension