Legal News

  1. Significant amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the General Court of the European Union will come into force on 1 April

  2. Xella Magyarország
    Free movement of capital
    Advocate General Ćapeta: EU law does not, in principle, preclude national legislation which allows for the screening of foreign direct investment of third country provenance even if implemented via an EU-based company

  3. Volkswagen Group Italia and Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    According to Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona, Volkswagen cannot be penalised in Italy for ‘Dieselgate’, after having been penalised in Germany, if there has not been sufficient coordination between the penalty proceedings of both States

  4. Green Network (Injonction de remboursement de frais)
    Freedom of establishment
    National regulatory authorities for energy may have the power to order electricity undertakings to repay sums received in breach of consumer protection requirements

  5. Hauptpersonalrat der Lehrerinnen und Lehrer
    Principles of Community law
    Live streaming by videoconference of classes in state school education falls within the scope of the GDPR

  6. Wizz Air Hungary v Commission () and aide au sauvetage)
    State aid
    The action against the Commission’s decision approving the aid granted by Romania to the airline Blue Air in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic is dismissed in its entirety

  7. Syndicat Uniclima
    Environment and consumers
    Fire safety in establishments open to the public: Member States may not impose additional requirements on pressure equipment bearing the CE marking for the purposes of making that equipment available on the national market

  8. Daimler (Responsabilité des constructeurs de véhicules munis de dispositifs d’invalidation)
    Environment and consumers
    The purchaser of a vehicle equipped with an unlawful defeat device has a right to compensation from the car manufacturer where that device has caused damage to that purchaser

  9. Saatgut-Treuhandverwaltung (KWS Meridian)
    Agriculture and fisheries
    Protection of plant variety rights: no minimum level of compensation set

  10. SCHUFA Holding and Others (Scoring)
    Principles of Community law
    Advocate General Pikamäe: the automated establishment of a probability concerning the ability of a person to service a loan constitutes profiling under the GDPR