Legal News

  1. Ryanair v Commission (Condor; aide au sauvetage)
    State aid
    The General Court of the European Union confirms that the German aid for the rescue of Condor is compatible with EU law

  2. Canon v Commission
    The General Court dismisses the action brought by Canon, which was fined € 28 million by the Commission for failure to comply with merger control rules in its acquisition of Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

  3. C-693/19 SPV Project 1503, C-831/19 Banco di Desio e della Brianza e.a., C-725/19 Impuls Leasing România , C-869/19 Unicaja Banco
    Approximation of laws
    Unfair terms in consumer contracts: national procedural principles cannot impede the rights that individuals derive from EU law

  4. Servizio Elettrico Nazionale and Others
    The Court of Justice sets out the criteria for defining a dominant position in connection with exclusionary practices on the basis of anticompetitive effects of the conduct of an incumbent operator in the context of the liberalisation of the electricity market

  5. W. J. (Changement de résidence habituelle du créancier d’aliments)
    Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    For the purpose of identifying the law applicable to a maintenance payment, the habitual residence of its recipient is that of the place where the habitual centre of his or her life is located, particularly where it concerns a young child

  6. Luso Temp
    Compensation in respect of days of paid annual leave not taken and the corresponding holiday bonus pay granted to temporary agency workers must be at least equal to that which would be granted to them if they had been recruited directly by the user undertaking to occupy the same job for the same period of time

  7. Czech Republic v Commission
    Law governing the institutions
    The General Court upholds in part the Czech Republic’s action based on the unjust enrichment of the Commission in so far as it concerns the repayment of an amount equivalent to approximately € 726 000 that that Member State had to pay to that institution in the context of the recovery of anti-dumping duties

  8. Fininvest and Berlusconi v ECB
    Economic policy
    The General Court upholds the decision by which the ECB refused to authorise Silvo Berlusconi’s acquisition of a qualifying holding in Banca Mediolanum

  9. All European Final of the European Moot Court Competition takes place at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg on 6 May

  10. Ministre de la Transition écologique and Premier ministre (Responsabilité de l’État pour la pollution de l’air)
    Environment and consumers
    Advocate General Kokott: Member States may be liable for health damage caused by excessive air pollution