Legal News

  1. Bytedance v Commission
    Approximation of laws
    Digital Markets Act: The General Court dismisses the action brought by Bytedance (TikTok) against the decision of the Commission designating it as a gatekeeper

  2. Auken and Others v Commission
    Law governing the institutions
    The Commission did not give the public sufficiently wide access to the purchase agreements for Covid-19 vaccines

  3. Plamaro
    Approximation of laws
    The collective redundancies directive also applies in the event of the employer’s retirement

  4. WWF Österreich and Others
    Environment and consumers
    The prohibition of hunting wolves in Austria is valid

  5. Hann-Invest
    Law governing the institutions
    Rule of law: only the judicial panel responsible for a case can decide its outcome

  6. Caixabank and Others
    Approximation of laws
    Mortgage loans: the transparency of ‘floor’ clauses may be reviewed in the context of a collective action concerning the entire banking system of a country

  7. Haus Jacobus
    A pregnant worker must be afforded a reasonable time limit in order to be able to bring an action against her dismissal

  8. Lupin v Commission
    The Court of Justice rules on the existence of agreements, decisions and concerted practices and of abuse of a dominant position on the perindopril market

  9. Ilva and Others
    Environment and consumers

    The operation of the Ilva steelworks must be suspended if it poses serious and significant threats to the environment and human health

  10. Death of Judge Marko Ilešič